Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Phone Scam Modus

Here is a list of some new phone scams happening around the globe:

1. Flight booking scam - The telemarketer will offer great travel deals with lots of perks and will charge your credit card. You will be charged without any booking confirmation at the end.

2. Cooking school scam - The caller will promise scholarships and lots of cooking freebies with a minimal registration fee to enjoy your full scholarship. Again, after you are charged, there is no scholarship whatever.

3. Distant relative scam -  The caller will call you and will sound so desperate seeking your financial help for troubles or for a relative being so sick. You will be instructed to wire the money to another party. (like a lawyer, police officer, or hospital)

If you receive such calls, keep your guards up.  If its about a relative, try to call them back to confirm that they are really in need. Always, get the phone number from the caller and verify it using the phone directory online to access all the details, reviews about the phone number. If your find the call to be fraudulent, report to proper authorities. Do not be deceived. Always be safe and share these stories of phone scams to others. The more people informed, the lesser the possibility of being scammed. Let us all do our share to lessen, if not totally eradicate, these crimes.

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