Saturday, September 17, 2011

Skepticism is a Must to be Protected from Phone Scams

There are so many frauds going on today particularly online and via telephone calls. These frauds vary from winning lottery tickets, jury duty schemes, free travel and vacations, job hiring, donations for NGOs and organizations helping less fortunate people, distant relatives asking for financial help, scholarship grants, and a lot more. These frauds have victimized millions of Americans and lots of people around the globe. It has been such an alarming crime.

Federal Trade Commission is warning everyone to become skeptic when receiving phone calls that sound so suspicious. Be skeptic, the agency says. And yes, indeed, heeding this warning can help you get protected. These criminals are so good at what they do and the next thing you know, you have been victimized and drained with your hard-earned money. To help yourself
  • Read a lot about these scams and get your self informed. Being able to recognize scams can help you be aware and alert when you encounter such situation. 
  • You may also register your number to Do Not Call Registry to protect your number from being dialed by these criminals. 
  • Use phone number verification and reverse lookup services to know owner details, location and phone number reviews about the phone number that called you. Report appropriately to FTC and the police. 
  • Tell your friends and families as well to promote the awareness for such crimes and thus, helping others get informed and be ready for such incidents.

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