Sunday, September 25, 2011

International Cooking School Scam

To date, even cooking schools are being used in scamming people. Day by day, more and more scam scripts are being shared by more people around the globe. As much as we try to spread word on how to protect yourselves from being scammed, as we try to work double, the criminal are much doing the same and more. But such will not stop us to continue helping people get informed about the scams going on around the internet and via telephone calls. It is quite disgusting that even schools are now being used in cheating people. Particularly, the cooking school scam is being used nonchalantly. Maybe the hype is caused by more people getting interested in culinary arts and cooking.

My friend who loves cooking and learning recipes was the most recent recipient of cooking schools scam. She loves surfing the web for recipes, watching almost all cooking shows and contests like Master Chef and Junior Master Chef on TV, and attending all cooking lessons that she can hear of. A few days ago, she received a call from a telemarketer offering her a cooking school scholarship. She was so happy to get this call. The caller asked for some details about her and the final question is if she can be charged a little amount for the registration. And that this registration is the only money she needs to pay and she can enjoy the full scholarship at the cooking school with no fuss at all. She was adamant to give it but the waving hand of the scholarship sounds so "delicious", she said. So, she gave her credit card number and later discovered that she was charged hundred more bucks from what the caller said. And yes, no scholarship. She cried for 2 days straight. Thinking about it, she said that at first, it was the money. But later, it was the thought that she has been fooled. And finally, it was the nagging feeling of her being stupid. We consoled her and assured her that it was not her fault altogether. Soon, she was soothed. She said that how come she did not remember me always telling them (my friends) about these phone scams. She said that, it it true, those telemarketers really know how to get you into the hook. But with that, she said that this time she will be more careful.

Honestly, I really do not know how to put a stop to all these telephone scams. Although I always encourage everyone to learn more and spread the word, it still thrives. However, I am convinced that many people really do get their guards up when they learn about these scams. So, I guess, spreading the word really helps after all.

Finally, again, I wish to encourage everyone  to be be aware of telephone scams. These are all true and happening and have victimized a lot of people. Keep your guards up and be safe. If you happen to receive a scam call - verify the details of the phone number & caller and review comments by others. Access all the necessary details and report to FTC and the police. Inform your family and friends. Be vigilant.

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