Saturday, June 30, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Apple Mac Dealers

People love gadgets. Today, everywhere you look, it seems like everybody's busy with their own cellular phones, tablets, notebooks, laptops, and any latest gadget available in the market. With these gadgets come every available cool accessories. Many people are dreading to know what's the latest and in. One of the most popular gadget provider is Apple. The Apple Macintosh has been well-known especially to tech geeks and young professionals.  It has been a favorite for many.

Since buying a gadget is a hot market, it is also a favorite product to promote not only in television but in billboards, magazines, and other print ads. Another way of promoting it is via telephone marketing. Here's the catch. A telemarketer will call you asking you if you could join the survey the company is currently conducting about the Apple Macintosh. If you take the time to join in the survey, you can have a chance to win the latest Apple Mac that will come out soon. Of course, you get excited and agrees to join.

What happens next is the caller asking you some questions from the "survey". After about 5 or more questions, he will ask for your personal data. He will tell you that he needs the data to support your taking part in the survey. He will stress that this data will also be used in choosing for the winner of the brand new and latest Apple Mac. This is the part of the spam where you are being victimized for identity theft.

The first thing you should first do in these instances is to verify the phone number calling you. Do a reverse phone lookup to check if the call is really from the company the caller he is representing. After that, make sure that the company is really conducting a telemarketing promotion or a phone survey. Assess the legitimacy of the call.

Remember that any unsolicited call should be considered as a spam. Because of this, you should be careful in dealing with them. One more thing, make sure that you do not entertain it and most importantly, you do not give out any personal information about yourself. Be vigilant and keep your guards up at all times.

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