Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Pilgrimage Organizers

Pilgrimages happen more at a certain season that any other. Usually, it is most common during Holy Week and summer. People, not only the religious ones, go to pilgrims. Beside the reason that they want to have a time and very suitable place for solitude and reflection, going on pilgrims is also fun and cheaper than going alone.

For people joining pilgrims for the first time, sometimes, they do not have an idea yet on which pilgrimage group to join. Some criminals know it. So, they call people to offer pilgrimage trips on very tempting prices. Sometimes, even those who have had experiences in joining pilgrimages get victimized. They grab the offer without thinking because they do not suspect the offer to be bogus since it entails a religious and spiritual nature. Sadly, these criminals will use any excuse, sacred or not, to get people's money.

If you receive calls like this one, be on your guard. Do a phone lookup to verify the information about the number that called you. If it so happens that the call is really from a legal pilgrim organizer, keep safe by not paying via the telemarketer. If you want to purchase the offer, get the details of the office's location and pay the pilgrim yourself.

Today, it is sad to say that even spiritual things are being used for criminal activities. We can only keep ourselves safe and protected by constantly informing ourselves of what is happening around us. Let us learn how to deal properly and promptly these situations and ready ourselves. Be safe.

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