Saturday, March 26, 2011

Verify phone number before discussing important data matters

In this digitized world we are so dependent on our laptop, phone etc and being connected to the world all the time is a must. On a daily basis we not only exchange general updates about our day to day activity via these devices but we also do access important data like our bank records, credit records. We do hear from our bank or credit card companies about any suspicious transaction they want us to confirm. Most of the time this is  a legitimate call, but one needs to be careful. If you get any call saying it is from your bank and need to discuss with you about some transactions on your accounts, do get alert and first check if the person calling is actually what they claim to be. One of the first check that you can perform is to verify phone number. Its easy - Just type in the phone number from where you received the call and check out who the phone number belongs to. For instance the details for the Phone Number in St Thomas County, Charlotte Amalie can be found here. You can also see if somebody else has reported this any phone review for this number.  Once you know all you need to, go ahead and deal with the call as need be.

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