Friday, March 18, 2011

Report unwanted calls and enable others to avoid them too

It has happened to each one of us - in middle of something important and the phone rings, you pick it up just to get frustrated by the fact that it was another phone call by a tele marketer. We do wish that we do not get such annoying calls more but what to do we about it - Just by looking at the number one can not tell who is calling. VerifyPhone now provides an opportunity to its users to report phone numbers from tele marketers and add to its online public phone directory. The information shared by you wont only save somebody else the frustration but you may also get benefitted from what others have to say about an phone number you may have gotten a call from and wondering what to do about the same. For instance Phone reviews for area code 740-299 can be found here. So checkout users made online phone directory and decide for yourself what action you would like to take next time you get an unwanted call.

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  1. Nicely written, Now you can can find an area codes or zip code in the USA for free. Just enter the area code, state or city and they will fetch the result from there database.