Sunday, January 29, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Real Estate Groups

Support groups for any interest can be very helpful. You can share learning, ask questions, seek help, support and guidance as you pursue your interests. They can help you a lot in your endeavors to enhance and succeed in your chosen field. You can also give of your self to them to satisfy your needs for applying your learning and sharing your time and talents to them.

But there are groups that only fools you into joining them and squeezing money from you. Be very careful There are instances when they will invite you to attend their group via a phone call. If you do not know anybody whom you have known long and you do not know anyone you trust from the group, do not join. Or if you are to join, be sensitive on what's going on. Better yet, join groups who have established clean reputation or they are known to really just do their calling as what their group was intended for. When you receive such a call, verify first and foremost the phone number via The site can help you get the necessary details about the owner of the number. You will need this information in reporting the call to the police and the FTC.

This incident is something you need to share to a lot of people so that many will be informed that there are people and groups out there who uses support groups as excuse in victimizing unsuspecting and innocent people, like most of us. As we always advice you, be very careful and never let guards down during unsolicited calls and from any other calls from strangers.

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