Monday, January 9, 2012

Verify Phone Number of New Year Opportunists

The excitement of the New Year does not only entail good opportunities, but of criminals who are taking the chance to cheat and victimize people who are in the mood for a positive and vibrant spirit for the coming year. We are all mostly positive and hopeful for the things to come during this  new year. We plan and make resolutions, we dream of a better year ahead. We prepare for the coming year with gusto and much enthusiasm. However, sometimes, these feelings are the ones used by the "bad" opportunists. They use these emotions to fool people and trick them into promising unreal getting wealthy opportunities. Sadly, there are people, who because of these "overwhelming" emotions of hope that new year brings, just jump into the offers without putting much thought into what is offered to them.

Since the criminals are smooth talkers, they will call you and promise you new year opportunities that can earn you lots of money. Some of these are work and businesses from home opportunities. The caller asks for a small amount of investment promising big returns. When the victims bites the bait, he or she will certainly lose the money. At first, the victim is not aware of what is really going on. When he or she pays, the positive feelings of getting rich this year because of this offered business is so crisp and fresh to her that it will take a while before the reality sets in that he or she was actually scammed.

When you get calls from unknown persons offering business opportunities, hang up immediately. If you have been caught on the line already, be alert and have the presence of mind not to dish out any personal number. Get the phone number that called you and verify it via The site can help you get the information about the number. Share the incident to your family and friends. Report it the police as well. Inform FTC of what transpired and seek advice and help from them.

It is good to have an enthusiastic and positive attitude towards the new year. But being safe and keeping your guards up to the opportunities that knocks on your door or rings your phone should not be entertained. There are lots of great opportunities that are legal and genuine out there. Ask from trusted people and investigate well before investing on anything.

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