Saturday, January 21, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of VA Mentors

Are you a new Virtual Assistant? Have you just started your VA career? Do you need a person to guide you in your VA career? Although there are many VA groups in the net, newbies still have occasional hard time in being successful in their VA careers. Many VAs seek for mentors they can trust to guide them and help them in their VA walk. A mentor cum adviser helps them prevent making huge mistakes in their VA business, and provides sound advice in their VA decisions and choices.

Again, of course, criminals know this. And they use this need to cheat the new VA by offering VA mentoring services. Because the VA is in dire need, he or she just grab the offer without thinking twice sometimes. The VA just want someone he or she can talk to in her VA ventures. Any help available is help better than nothing. So the VA grabs it. Very wrong move! When you get calls like this, verify first the phone number  and find out if the offer is legitimate. Share your experience with others. Spread the word so you can contribute to the prevention of scams and spams prominent in the world today. Who knows what your comments can do? Who knows how it can help possible victims to prevent being cheated out of their hard-earned money?

Entrepreneurship is an adventure worth your while. It can do so much for the world's economy for today. Being a VA is a kind of entrepreneurship that you can enhance and contribute to the world. Do it with all sensibility and fairness. Be very careful in all your dealings. Keep your guards up for you do not know how many wolves are out there to just eat up your good intentions. Be safe.

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