Friday, January 27, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Real Estate Brokers/Investors Seminars

Like any other business and investment ventures which offers seminars and mentoring, real estate seminar is one way to prey. These kind of seminars have been going on for decades already but still work in victimizing lots of innocent people. The mentors or gurus are so charismatic you would really fall if you are careless. Some of the things going on in seminars like these are the following:

1. Telemarketers will call you and inform you that a real estate seminar is happening in your area and that it is for a limited time only and that they offer limited seats for this. Beside verifying the phone number that called you by doing a reverse phone lookup, bear in mind that such calls are most of the time scams. Be very careful and run away as fast as you can from such fraudulent seminars.

2. If not calls, these people will come to your area and market the event the same way it was promoted by telemarketers.

3. During the seminar, the attendees will be pre-assessed to know how much they can invest in real estate. They are marked according to the amount they can invest. Those who are "very rich" are given priorities while those who only have few money wont be given much effort.

4. The real estate mentors are bragging much about their properties, but in reality, they do not have any. But since they are so charming and convincing, how are you to know. Keep your guards up very, very high.

No matter how tempting the offer, never, never just give in. Invest your money in trusted financial vehicles only so you wont be sorry at the end. Everybody has the dream to succeed financially, but being safe always is one vital and crucial character you should have to protect your hard-earned money. Thoroughly research, learn and know more about the venture you are to take part of and about the people behind it before making any decisions.

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