Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Verify identity of future clients

Being a freelancer and/or consultant is not easy. Particularly when payment issue is the concern, getting honest-to-goodness clients can be difficult. There are times when you are not even thinking that they wont pay you what is due you and yet, those client prove to be those who wont really pay you any cent at all.

It is wise that you negotiate very well first with your client what he needs done and the time that he needs a project done. You negotiate also how much he will pay you. Before starting any project, lay all the cards on the table.

However, going an extra mile can prove helpful and safe for you. Verify your client's identity by investigating on his background more. You can easily do this with utmost confidentiality using verifyphone.com. Just type in the phone number of your client in the search box and every detail that you might find useful will appear at your screen. Giving the benefit of the doubt can be helpful especially with these kind of work when you need deliver what is expected of you, and you are not even sure if you will get paid or not. Although knowing a bit more about your client won't assure you of his honesty, trying to know more about him can help you analyze more whether to push with a project with him or not.

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