Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stopping Fraud Before It Even Starts

Today, it is reported that the fraud cost every year for telephone companies is about $80 billion. A mere incident of a fraudulent international call can cost $50,000 hit on the company's bottom line. That is how bad the damage inflicted regarding this problem.

There are means to protect your company with such fraud. Some companies without a sophisticated fraudulent system can be at a very high risk of being victimized. Some do their own manual process and ends up stressed with too much manual work and slow fraud detection.

There is a modern means that your company can use to help you get protected. The system can help your company by:

1. Monitoring network usage in real time.
2. Knowing suspicious activities.
3. Receiving automatic alerts.
4. Determining what is fraud and what is honest customer usage.
5. Investigating and managing cases dynamically and easily.
6. Intelligently solving cases by automatically disabling numbers to configure changes.
7. Recording fraudulent cases.

Those listed are just some of the benefits your company gets from using protective devices or methods to safeguard your telephone company. Research which technique you can use and which is most appropriate for your company needs.

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