Friday, February 15, 2013

Verify Phone Numbers of Survey Companies

I just chatted with a friend and she was asking me about a survey engine. She asked how to go about doing surveys and how to earn from it.  I told her that I registered for an account on a survey engine

As we were talking, I found out that she paid $30 to register to a survey engine. She has just received a survey and its been over a year already, she said. At first, she was hesitant to tell me that she has paid for it.

I felt sorry for her but did not show it. I just took it casually and told her I can send invites to her to the survey engines I am engaged in, which are all for free. She agreed. After our chat, I felt sad for her that she has to spend money on things which, legally, she can register at for free.

If you ever get the same call from a survey engine company asking you and promising you to earn much by just answering surveys, kindly do your research first. Do not readily give out your personal data especially your personal numbers to any caller. Verify the phone number that called you using reverse phone lookup.

There are lots of legal earning opportunities which you can do online and home based. It is just crucial that you do not just jump into the water without doing research and testing it Ask around and do not buy anything that you see without looking first if the offer is legit or not. If it is offered via  an unsolicited phone call, remember that there are many phone spams happening so you should be doubly careful.

Finally, if you think that answering surveys are what you would enjoy doing for extra income, you can call the companies and inquire from them. This way, you will be guided on which survey engine these huge companies contract and you will not be cheated the next time.

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