Monday, February 4, 2013

Verify Phone Numbers of Local Media

Knowing people from the media is a big advantage to businessmen, albeit anyone on that matter. The media can make or break your business. Of course, media, most of the time can do good write ups for your business if it is really worth it. We know also that it will not do that if they see not so good things about it.

Since media is a powerful tool to create a good reputation, many people of power tries to have a good relationship with them. They give gifts to them and make them feel important so that they get good write ups most of the time. Media can somehow make or break you.

There is a power to the media. They know this. They can offer you a good review, good press releases, and more. They call you and offer services. What you need to do is to first verify if the call is really from the press and the office they represent. You have to be careful in dealing with these calls. There are criminals who use media as excuse to get an appointment with you. Reverse lookup the call and the caller. Make sure your secretary and personal assistant is aware of phone spams and be careful with the call.

Media is a powerful tool. Be sure to maximize it. When you get the chance to work with them, make sure you also stay careful lest you become victimized by the wrong people. Verify the number and the caller. It is always smart to keep your guards up on situations like this one.

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