Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Office Equipment Suppliers

There are office supply companies who make promotions via telemarketing. These companies are mostly the big ones and are known for their office products and services. They do promote their latest line of office equipment via TV commercials, print ads, and other means of marketing. They also make personal promotions via phone calls and also putting up booths in department stores.

With regards to phone calls, how do you know that the telemarketer calling you is really a representative from the company? To make sure you are talking to an official representative, do a phone reverse lookup. Verify the number and see if it belongs to the the said company. If the call seem suspicious, like when the caller is asking for personal data and persuading you to buy form him right away, trust your instinct and do not entertain the call.

Usually, telemarketers from big companies just inform you about the new products.  They will inform you of their upcoming promotional events and special offers regarding the product. If you say you want to try the product right away, they will politely instruct you on how and where to purchase. They will not drag you into buying to the point of asking you to buy from them right there and then. Be careful how you deal with telemarketers. Although some of them are doing legal work, some are not. So guard yourself against who are doing monkey business.

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