Monday, July 30, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Resort Club Membership Phone Offers

Club memberships are being offered left and right for many resorts and amenity clubs. This is an exciting opportunity not only for possible members but for these businesses as well. Club membership bring increased profits for business owners while consumers feel they have their money well-spent when they are members of a specific club. They feel the discount and privileges they get are all worth the membership fee.

However, rampant identity theft and money being stolen from private citizens have tarnished the clean negotiations that usually comprises offering and applying for a club membership. People have started to feel weary about club membership because the many false telemarketing schemes have robbed many innocent victims. They now feel that every membership offered to them is bogus.

While it is true that these things do happen, you can do your part not to let a great membership opportunity pass just because of fear. When you receive a phone call informing you a wonderful club membership opportunity do your part in doing reverse lookup and verifying the phone number that called you. It is also important to keep in mind the basic security measures you need in dealing with these phone calls. First is never give out personal number, second is never pay for anything directly to the marketer you are talking with. This means you should not give out your credit card number or pay anything via wire transfer or bank deposit to any bank account number he or she will give you.

Club memberships are great. Just make sure you get yours from trusted sources .

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