Friday, June 24, 2011

Jury Duty Frauds

Another latest telephone calls scheme is the jury duty fraud. This works when someone calls you and identifies himself as a U.S. court employee. The caller then will tell the victim that he or she was selected to become a jury and will be asked to provide his Social Security numbers and later asked for his credit card numbers. If the victim refuses to give these informations, he will be threatened to fines and persecutions due to non-compliance to jury duty.

A citizen should be aware that the Federal courts do not require any person to provide any information as sensitive as Social Security numbers and credit card numbers in a telephone call. If the Federal courts should wish to make a citizen a jury, it would be through mail, not a telephone call.

When you receive calls such as this one, do not provide your personal numbers and info. The caller might use your name and sensitive information to potentially apply for a credit card or loan under your name. This is an attempt to steal your identity. Verify the phone number of the caller using a reverse directory and try to get as many accurate information about him as you can. Check out the number lookup results for area code 732-224 here.

If you have received the call and has already given your personal data, monitor all your credit card activities and account statements. Contact the local FBI office and report the incident because it is a crime to falsely represent one's self as a federal court official.

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