Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Did the caller said you won a vacation trip to the Bahamas?

Did the caller said you just won a summer vacation to the Bahamas? Awesome! You thought of all the things you would want to enjoy there. Not only the sand and the beach but as well as the lively and hot parties you might enjoy and just dance the night away. Then the caller asked you for your credit card details because he said you will be charged just a tiny amount to pay for a membership to the vacation club or for whatever club. Or he might have asked you to pay for an amount to verify the booking and reservation at the hotel. But before he asked you for that, he had already set your mind to how lovely and wonderful having a vacation this summer at the Bahamas would be. And boy! He does sounds so convincing! He can actually make you feel like you are already at the beach enjoying the warm sun and the interesting people you can meet there. And all the wild parties Bahamas offer.

That's one "talent" this scammers have. They can really sound so convincing. And the better you can not say no but just go with the flow of his words. Being more careful than ever is what you need. When a call like this comes in, hang up the phone as fast as you can. Then, reverse lookup the phone number using area code lookup, you got the call from and get all the necessary details you can to report the call to FTC. You will not only help yourself but help other "victims" of these prank callers. Such calls are continuosly increasing around and being vigilant is what everyone can do to help stop these scams.

Verifyphone.com also encourages subscribers to be one and share stories they have about these scams that they receive from their phones. The stories can help people be more careful the moment they receive the same calls. Spread out the word and let us all do our share to stop these "scammers" who are making themselves rich from fooling others.

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