Monday, June 6, 2011

Verify a phone number first

For any apparent reason, unsolicited calls and unsolicited emails should be a source of alarm for anybody. Especially at this time of scams and bogus businesses and offers, sometimes, one can never be sure and becomes victimized. Telemarketers and even those offering even "good" things like charities or services use different tactics to get their prospects on the hook.

Whenever you receive an unsolicited email, do not open it or delete it at once. But with phone calls, out of being polite, you tend to answer it. When it turns out to be an unsolicited call, the first thing you should do before giving out any information about yourself or buying anything from them is to verify the phone number. Be ready with your "Let me think about it first." excuse. Verify the phone number and also check out comment shared by other about the phone number via to get all the things you need to know first about the caller and the company he says he represents. For instance most recent phone number reviews for area code 760-215 and more details about phone number can be found here.

One can only be extra careful with such calls. Too many people are getting victimized with such scams today. Good thing that there are helpful services like verifying phone numbers that can somehow help us in taking the appropriate steps to keep ourselves protected by these scams.


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