Monday, June 20, 2011

You're the 10th purchaser of our product, you won lots of freebies!

You love to go shopping! It's your comfort hobby. Those sales! Ahhh! Blissful! You have already memorized where a shop is at almost all the shopping centers in the city. You even know which sells cheaper items and those who sells the best quality and those who just give huge bargains. You have even become the consultant of your friends on where to find items they themselves cannot find. That's you. You are Miss Shopping Girl. And you love the tag! It makes you an authority when it comes to getting the best quality at the best price.

Now, while waiting for the 4 o' clock snacks sale at the grocery, you need to buy chips and cookies for the neighborhood get together for the summer, the phone suddenly rings. And the usual bubbly you picked up the phone thinking it was one of the neighbors who might want to ask where you bought that Brazilian cacao seeds which you made to such a delightful hot choco drink the other weekend. The kids in the block loved it a lot you have to make another batch for everybody to enjoy.

The call was not from the neighborhood. It was from a bubbly and friendly guy who said you just won lots of exciting freebies from the grocery store because in an electronic raffle, you turned out to be the 10th purchaser of a new brand of jelly that they promoted at the grocery store a few weeks ago. Your mind thought fast if you have bought a new brand of jelly. Your kids are used to the same jelly and you are thinking you have not bought any jelly yet. But the caller sound so sincere and friendly. Maybe, you are just so lucky. Jelly or no jelly, you won a prize!

The caller, now convinced that you are in the hook now asks you for your credit card number to verify your identity. And because your mind is already at the prizes, without hesitation, you give it out.

The above scenario has been happening so often lately. Ordinary people who just live their lives and enjoying it as they should suddenly become victims of various kinds of scams not only in the internet but as well as in calls and other modus operandi that are becoming so rampant.

There are ways to lessen if not to totally eradicate these scams. Be aware of what is happening around and be alert. Be vigilant as well, spread words about it, inform others. By doing so, you might just give a big contribution in spreading the word out and make more people informed and warned. If you receive calls like this, hang up, or be alert, open your mind while talking to the scammer on the phone. Verify the authenticity of the business via phone number. Get all the details and report to proper authorities. Spread the word. These scammers would have tougher times convincing people because people are now more informed about this monkey business going around. Help out in dishing out helpful information to the public regarding these scams.

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