Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Telemarketing frauds

Telemarketing fraud is a big crime that needs to be stopped. Telemarketing frauds range from sweepstakes and lottery frauds, offering club memberships, dream vacation frauds, overcharged bank fees, loan frauds, credit card scams, among others. These criminals use their phone to commit these frauds.

They are so good at this that there are people who falls into the trap and purchase from them. They will tell you anything to convince you that they work for companies that you are familiar with, or worse, companies that you trust. They will convince you to call you or contact you to process whatever it is that they are offering you. They will ask for upfront payments for services or processing fees that they can sugar coat and make it seem so legal that makes people just jump into the water.

Here are some common "lines" these "experienced telemarkers" use to convince their victims. If you hear these lines, just say "no, thank you" and hang up the phone:

" You have been especially selected to get this offer."
" You will get a wonderful bonus, for free, if you buy our latest product."

"You are one of the winners of three valuable prizes."

"You are the only heir to a very wealthy Uncle who has left his fortune to you."

"You've won big money in our sweepstakes."
"You've won big money in a lottery."

"You have to decide right now."
"You must make the payment right now to get your bonus gifts."
"You can never get higher return and lower risk anywhere else."

"You do not need any references or written information about our company."
"You do not need to check our company with anyone else."

Recognize these criminals by identifying them. First - Verify their phone number by a service provider like that can help you in getting the relevant information you need to report these criminals to proper authorities. Keep your mind open and stay alert. Do not be persuaded with these scams and keep yourself protected.

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