Thursday, June 30, 2011

Various News about Telemarketing Frauds

There are many news in the papers particularly in Los Angeles Times that report about telemarketing frauds. Here are some of them:
1. Robocalls. Robocalls send out illegal recorded calls nationwide to get people buy car warranties or apply for credit cards. Employees of the company are even told that they can be fired if they make mention of the company.
2. Tips for Telemarketing frauds. Do not buy over the telephone unless you know very well the company. Ask lots of questions and when the caller can not answer, hang up. Refuse to be pressured in making quick decisions. Ask for written material by mail and check out companies on the web such as Better Business Bureau, the attorney general, and the National Fraud Information Center. Once you become a victim of telemarketing frauds, you can never get your money back so better be extra cautious and careful. Get properly informed.
3. Lots of telemarketers and telemarketing companies facing cases filed against them.

With all these telemarketing frauds all around the papers, one can only be so careful. Another means of helping you out when you receive telemarketing calls is to verify the number using a phone directory online. This number lookup gives you sufficient and accurate details that you can report to FTC as soon as you can.



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