Saturday, July 2, 2011

Calling Card Number Fraud

Another identified fraud that happens now a days through telemarketing is the calling card number fraud/theft. A caller identifies himself as a representative of the victim's phone number company and asks for the calling card number for verification purposes. The clueless victim then gives his calling card number without thinking that it would be used by another person for his or her personal calls now charged to the victim's calling card number.

Treat your calling card number the same way as your credit card number. Never give it to anyone. Telephone companies never ask for the calling card number because they already have it in their data. If you receive this type of call, ask questions and ask for a callback number. The caller would hang up in most cases.

Also, when you receive this kind of call, check out phone number owner, address, reviews and more info here. The site will provide for you necessary details that you need to report the call to agencies that can help you with these unsolicited phone calls. This way, the agency is also informed that such calls are circulating around and so they can make necessary efforts to help the citizens when they receive such calls.

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