Saturday, July 16, 2011

Phone Scams Selling Google Ads

Calls selling Google ads are everywhere in the U.S.A. today. Lots of complaints about these calls are being posted in forums and websites of phone scams. FTC has also been receiving reports of these incidents. It is becoming rampant and should be given enough attention and be put into the light so that more people will become aware of this kind of scam.

Google ads does not sell ads via phone. Every advertising transaction is done online, with proper Google authorities. Robo calls trying to sell Google ads are nothing but pure scam. Do not deal with them. If you wish to get advertised on Google, search on their website and you will find links that can help you and guide you on how to do it. Be careful on dealing with these types of calls and businesses. Research wide and know details before diving into such transactions.

The phone calls calling you should be reported to proper authorities. Get more details about this phone number & share reviews with other community. Take all necessary actions to help in stopping these scams today. All the data you need about these scam calls are handful in verifyphone. You can also list your phone number on the Do Not Call List of FTC so you can avoid getting these calls in the future.

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