Thursday, July 14, 2011

Purely harassment scams

There are people complaining of phone calls that are totally harassing them to give money or to pay the consequences. The scammer will frigthen the victim of doing misdemeanors to them if they do not give the money. And indeed, the callers really sound scary. They might also do some harassment to you like throw stones at your windows or knock wildy on your doors. Some people do get intimidated and just dole out the money. But those who are braver seek help from the authorities and answer back the criminals with courage.

This event is quite scary but one should stand his ground. Verify the phone number that harasses you with this scheme. can give you all the necessary information you need. Report the incident promptly. Seek help from authorities and trusted people that you know can help you.

Stand your ground. Hang up the phone uprightly and do not give the criminal a chance to speak. Report immediately to the police and FTC. Spread the word to your neighbors, family, and friends. Put the criminals' actions into the light. Be courageous and show the criminal whom he is dealing with.

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