Saturday, July 30, 2011

Slamming and Cramming

Slamming and cramming are so common now a days in telephone scams. Slamming is the illegal ways of changing your local or long distance telephone services without your permission. A telephone company should obtain the customer's permission through a written or electronic letter of the agency, electronic verification from the customer's telephone number, or an independent third party verification. Cramming is adding charges illegaly to your telephone bill for services that you did not use.

If you are a victim of these two illegal practices, contact the company. Tell them upfront that you want the problem resolved the soonest time possible. Make necessary arrangements with regards to payments. If you have not paid the bill, tell them you will not pay the bill to the date your phone was scammed. Request for reimbursement for any charges incurred to your bill from the unwanted switch. FCC rules say that you do not have to pay the first 30 days of service from the unwanted switch. Tell the company you want to be switched back to your old phone service provider.

File the slamming and cramming reports to FCC. Know your rights and be vigilant. Protect your phone number.

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