Monday, July 18, 2011

Homeschool Verification

Some parents today homeschool their kids. Homeschool is a great school choice money-wise and in terms of unlimited teaching experiences one can give to his or her child. Those who are just starting and do not know how or where to start usually research on the web to look for homeschool providers that can help them out with curriculum, lessons and recording. There are so many options available on how one can get through schooling. This is one wise decision any parent can make.

However, as if it seems that nothing escapes criminal's thoughts, they have once again used this wonderful option to make their criminal schemes. They use homeschooling to fool parents. They will call them and offer homeschooling complete with curriculum, lessons, and recording options. They will also say that they are accredited. They will give the best offers and make sure that the parent is hooked. The scammer will not proceed to asking for payments, and follow up with other payments the parent should make to get the homeschooling resources. The victim, in his desire to get the best buy for his or her kid's homeschooling needs just fall for the trap.

If you get this kind of call, do not just give out your credit card number or just readily pay. Check out tif they are what they claim to be, and if suspicious, report to FTC and to the police. Create awareness of the incident among your family and friends so that the words will go out and protect other parents.

Homeschooling starts at home, as the word implies. No one is a better homeschool resource than you, the parent, yourself. If you need to get materials, there are lots available on line, and better ask people who have experiences doing homeschool to help you start. Do not get help from strangers, especially telemarketers you do not even see face to face.

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