Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mystery woman calls

Phone calls fom a mystery woman that usually happens late at night are common phone scams. Women callers will identify themselves as mistresses if the wife answers and old girlfriends with a child from the husband if the man of the house answers. She will tell the wife not to tell her husband that she called and put the wife into an emotional blackmail. Later on, she will ask the wife for money that she needs to totally withdraw from the illicit affair she was supposedly having with the husband. For the husband, the supposed old girlfriend will ask for money support for their sick lovechild. Before she does, she first makes sure that she has hooked the husband emotionally.

The poor couple will give out money if they fall into this scheme. Do not become victims of such folly. Do not readily trust what she is saying.  Whatever calls you get, talk to your partner and verify these notions. Be open and honest. Verify also the phone number of the mystery woman via verifyphone.com. Get her details and verify her identity. Check out if others have reported this phone number as suspicious. Report to the authorities as necessary.

These scammers will do everything and anything just to squeeze out money from their victims. Always be on guard. Trust, honesty, and openness can help couples to prevent being victimized with such crimes. Be vigilant and help each other.

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