Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Goin out of town scams

When you are out of town, and criminals tend to know, there is an ongoing scam that bothers these out-of-towners. Somehow, the criminals manage to access the victim's phone number and calls him about emergency situations. One situation they will bother the victim with is that there will be an ongoing patrol checking out the vicinity and if the home owners are not home or was not able to give authorization to the housekeeper, they should at least, submit their identification data like Social Security number and PIN number. Since the victim was pre-occupied with not being at home, he is quickly intimidated. Thus, he just give out his personal numbers. This is the start of the identity theft scam that victimizes him. From here, loans and transaction are made under his name without him knowing it until he gets notices and finds himself in deep debt.
Guard yourself from these kinds of scams. Be on watch always. Do not readily give out your personal numbers to anyone no matter how desperate the situation or condition they tell you that you are in.
Check out the phone number they used to call you via Get all the necessary details you need about the caller and report to the police and FTC. Create awareness of the incident as well to your friends, family, and acquaintances. Ask them to spread the news so that others would be informed and be cautious as well.

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