Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Identity Theft Legal Help

With all the frauds, theft, and schemes going around the internet and via phone calls stealing one's identity to make credits and loans under the victim's name, one should always be ready to face such situations. Identity theft is fast growing crime in the U.S.A. affecting millions of Americans each year. It causes an estimated loss of $51 billion to businesses, consumers, and financial institutions.

These criminals steal your identity in various ways. They steal your wallet, send misleading emails, plant spyware into your computer, skim encoded data from your credit card, or call you and make all kinds of lies to get you dishing out your sensitive data.

To help you with this crime, you can find numbers of lawyers that can help and advice you on how to deal with this problem. Perform an area code lookup for lawyers and or search the phone number of the lawyer by name. Get connected with the legal agencies that can assist you to face and resolve this problem.

You can also do the following should you become a victim of identity theft:
1. Contact credit bureaus such as Transunion on-line to request a free credit report and to put a fraud alert on your credit report.
2. Report to the police.
3. File a complaint to FTC and get a FTC ID Theft Affidavit.
4. Fill the FTC ID Theft Affidavit and with a copy of the police report, send it via certified mail to all businesses where you have opened an account.

Be vigilant in protecting your identity. There are lots of agencies that can help you with these matters. Get informed and always be keen on such criminal activities.

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