Sunday, June 26, 2011

Identity Theft

Callers who are either professional or have the ready-made script will use various methods to convince you to spill out personal information such as Social Security number, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, calling card numbers, and others. With the information that they got from you, these criminals can pose as you and commit crimes under your name. This will surely cost you considerable amount of money, headache, time, and anxiety to sort out all mess they have done. You will be the one to straighten out your credit rating and damaged financial situation.

Once you receive calls like this one that asks too much personal information from you, keep your mind open and ask as many questions as you can. Do not just dish out any sensitive detail. Try get the caller's organization address and phone numbers. By being so questioning, the caller might lose his guard and just hang up. Perform phone number lookup or reverse address lookup on the address provided to verify the claims made by the caller. Gather all the information you need and report to proper authorities. Share to friends so that more people will get informed and be ready to face these callers when it is their turn to be called up.

Criminals would do anything to bother and cause crimes and victimize private people. Be on your guard at all times. Make the necessary and relevant actions so you can also do your part in helping others not become victims of such crime.

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