Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Health Insurance Providers

You have life insurance, car insurance, fire insurance, pension plan, burial plan, and many more. Health insurance should be on your list, too. It is one very vital insurance you should own. You can never tell when you will get sick or would need hospitalization. You need general check ups to help protect your body from being sick and for staying healthy. A health insurance can provide you with minimal costs on your health needs so you need to have the best one.

Some health insurances are being offered via phone calls now a days. The telemarketer will offer amazing discounts and health insurance packages that one would seem foolish not to get. To add, telemarketers really have the skill to influence your decisions. They are so fluent in swaying you into saying yes and paying right there and then.

If you receive such calls, make sure you do a phone number lookup first to verify the phone number and check the reviews for this number. Other people may have received calls from this phone number and their reviews might help you to make the decision. Never give any personal data and number of yours. Never pay anything. Hang up or tell the caller firsthand that you are not interested. Do not give him or her a chance to persuade you. Keep your guards up.

To be sure of the health insurance you are getting, talk to your trusted insurance agency and health insurance agent. Even though the call sounds very promising, keep in mind that there are offers existing that are too good to be true. Be safe by not grabbing any telephone offer especially if you have not made any verification.

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  1. It’s true that fraudsters are in the line to extract money out of you. You must be on your toes all the time, if you want to save your hard earned money. Never fall for the promises made by the insurance providers over phone, and don't agree to anything unless you get the same in writing. Account details and financial information are never to be disclosed over phone, unless you're completely sure about the authenticity of the insurance providers.