Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Government Offices

Being part of a community might entail you to get invited to community gatherings or projects. This is a great opportunity to be involved. You must remember though that there are protocols that government offices follow for community projects and events. You have to be well-informed about these protocols so that you know when one invitation is real or a spam.

Usually, these offices have accredited persons and means of promoting and organizing their events. They do not usually dwell into representatives calling you. However, there are telephone spammers who will still use these government agencies as a way of going though you. They will try to steal your identity and steal money from you. Your shield is when you know the protocols of these government agencies so you wont be mislead. Always ask for a call back number. Reverse lookup the phone number you got the call from or find the phone number of the government agency the caller claimed to be calling from. Call them to know if they the call you got was legit or not.

In dealing with all these telephone scam, there is no better way to protect yourself than being well-informed and updated. If you have knowledge about these things, the caller will not be able to just convince you of anything. You will also know how to deal properly with these callers. Also, you will know the best steps to take if you get these calls to protect yourself and your family. Sharing what you know can help others so share the information to as many people as you know.

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