Friday, May 18, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Pharmaceutical Companies

Ever since telemarketing has been chosen to be one medium of promoting and marketing products and services, it has helped many to have convenience in shopping. Bad news is that it eventually became an avenue to spam people. It has been one of the medium of criminal activities robbing private citizens hundred millions of dollars annually. This has caused tremendous alert to the government, concerned agencies, companies and private people.

Many companies have been affected as well. Legal businesses have had their sales affected by the spams. The government and concerned agencies started to have massive information dissemination and protocols on how to prevent the crimes. Many concerned individuals also shared information to help others not to get victimized. Private persons become more careful in dealing with telemarketers.

Pharmaceutical companies also use telemarketing to make surveys about their products. If you receive calls, it is best to lookup the phone number first before indulging in the survey. Never give out any personal data no matter how the caller convinces you. Often times, they will even offer free packages from their company or give you discount coupons. Still, never give out any data until you have verified the caller and the company caller represents.

It is alright to entertain telemarketing calls but make sure you did your research first. Always be careful in dealing with these calls. Never pay for anything and never give out any information about yourself. Spread the word about the incident so that your friends and family are aware that such calls are existing in your area. Keep yourself safe.

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