Saturday, May 5, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of a Reunion’s Organizer

Summer is always the best time for class reunions. Most people have their vacations so are free to attend one. Summer is also a great season for such occasions since it offers many fun activities the old friends can enjoy doing together. They can do the reunion at the beach, at resorts, and at other outdoor venues.

If you receive a call from your reunion’s organizer asking you to pay for something, be cautious, though. You do not want to sound like a miser but it is always wise to be safe. Before making payments, make sure that the he is the official organizer. Ask your batch mates. Tell him or her that you will be giving any money he or she is asking from you during the event itself. Never give out any of your personal data as well. Do phone lookup to check the authenticity of the organizer. You can also check the organizer by first name and last name. For instance you can check the phone owner details for area code 763-214 here.

Do not let the excitement of an upcoming reunion catch your guards off. Never give out any personal data  no matter how you think you know the person you are talking with. Do not pay out anything until you are sure of what you are paying. Be safe and cautious at all times. 

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