Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Verify Phone Number of Wedding Coordinator Agencies

At this time of the year, when every woman dreams to be a June bride, wedding coordinator agencies come up with many great packages to offer couples. These packages come in affordable prices best for those who have beautiful weddings but are in a tight budget. Packages usually include gowns, venue and arrangements, invitations, photos and videos, and food.  They make the package sound so exciting and cheap that any couple will not have second thoughts on grabbing them.

Problem is not all of these agencies are legit. What you can do when you receive a call like this is to verify the phone number. Do reverse lookup to make sure that the caller is really calling you from a phone that is really connected with the agency the caller says he or she is representing. What’s more important is that you do not give your personal numbers or data to the caller. Furthermore, never purchase anything from the caller. Never make a reservation or a down payment for any service offered to you. If you are interested in anything being offered to you, make the necessary reservations and arrangements from the agency’s office itself.

I believe you already know the many phone spams going around. What is amazing about these criminals are they tend to use every opportunity they can get to victimize private citizens. The best weapon against them is to keep you informed of what’s going on. Be prepared and equipped with how to use proper defense techniques whenever you receive calls, especially unsolicited ones and those that comes from telemarketers. Keep yourself always safe and secure.

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