Saturday, May 26, 2012

Verify Phone Numbers of Tutorial Centers

During the opening of the school year or throughout the school year, tutorial centers in your area code may give you a ring to offer tutorial service packages for your children. This is part of their promotions and marketing strategies. They usually offer services at cheaper prices or offer freebies for each service you purchase from them. Especially if the tutorial center is new, it usually boosts its enrollment by giving away many nice offers.

Before grabbing their offers, make sure you verify the phone number. Do reverse lookup to make sure that the telemarketer is really calling you  from the tutorial center he or she is claiming to be connected with. Never give out any personal number or pay anything via the telemarketer. If you find something that interests you, do the final transactions at the office of the tutorial center.

There are so many spams going around and you should be very careful in dealing with them. Sometimes, the offers are so good that you get tempted to just purchase right there and then. Keep in mind though that you have time enough to buy the offer at the proper place and through the right transactions. Never get swayed easily by the lines that say the offer is for a limited time only or if you buy now, you get this and that. Do not let your guards down ever.

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