Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Verify Phone Numbers of Accounting Service Agencies

Accounting services is needed by any entrepreneur. It is a requirement in running a legit business. With accounting, legal financial statements are being prepared and accomplished. Tax reports are done promptly. Record keeping of income and expenses are done efficiently by a competent accountant.

There are companies that have their own company accountants. Some contract accounting services to take care of their financial statements. Some others hire a freelance CPA. Whatever option one chooses, there is an accountant available for a business' accounting needs.

Both freelancers and agencies might use telemarketing to offer accounting services. If you happen to get a call, you should always reverse lookup the phone number that called. If it claims to be an accounting firm, verify if the phone number is really from that office. Verify also the identity of the telemarketer if he or she is an official representative of the agency. If the caller says he or she is a freelancer, the more that you need to know and verify the identity and the phone number. 

Once verified, you may make a report to FTC and police if you find that the call is a spam. What you can do to protect your identity and yourself as a whole is to not entertain the call, not to give out your personal numbers, and never pay for anything or give your credit card number to the caller. This way, you protect yourself from being stolen of your identity and your hard-earned money.

Involve your family and your friends in the incident. Share to them what happened. This is crucial for you and your family's protection. This can also help them get protected form calls like this. This is a type of story that you need to share more to others so that people are aware of such spam. This can spread the word and maybe, with this step, incidents of telephone spams can be lessened and more people will be protected from this crime.


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