Sunday, March 24, 2013

Does Your Donation Really Go To Where It Should Be?

Helping other people is a sacred opportunity. There are truly generous people out there who understand that helping others is not a burden or a a task where the person who gets helped will have a debt to be owed to the helper, rather, it is a great opportunity for the helper to be given a chance to serve others. However, you cannot really blame people who are not ready to help others because of the many spams that are going on around today. They refrain from helping due to the fear that the person seeking help is just trying to victimize them for their own vested interests.

The problem with asking help is that some criminals have used this reason and purpose to steal from others. The help that are supposed to go to the rightful persons or groups are robbed by criminals and spammers. This is such a pity not only for the donors but for the rightful owners as well. The fact that the less fortunate should be helped, the things that should be given to them are being put into wrong pockets.

These criminals techniques are sending emails, calling you, or even knocking at your door and giving envelopes bearing the name of the supposed "charitable institution". Of course, the money they get will go to their own private pockets and not the charity. So, it is crucial that when you receive a call from these liars, be very careful in talking with them and verify the phone number that they used to call you to make sure that your money will go in the right hands.

It is a sad fact that these people can have the nerve to cheat both the generous people who are trying to help and rob from the less fortunate who are supposed to get what are intended for them. These people should be traced, found, punished. If you are one of the victims of these criminals, go out and fight for what happened to you by sharing your story and protecting others because they were informed.

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