Thursday, March 21, 2013

Work From Home Scams

Many illegitimate work from home job scams can be avoided because of obvious warning signs like too good to be true pays and no work experiences. You can easily say no to these jobs when come in these packages. However, there are jobs that seem so real and natural but might result to you getting involved in fraudulent activities without you suspecting it.

Here are some of those kinds of job that you should watch out for:

1. Payroll and/or checks processor. You are asked to print and send payroll, checks, or money order. You will be provided or might be asked to purchase a check production software and you will be also be provided or asked to obtain an account number. You will also be given a bank account number to use in printing the checks, a digital signature, a list of names, addresses, and amounts for payments. These fraudulent checks will be sent to advertisers selling items for sale. The amount is higher than the price of the item. The advertiser is asked to ship the purchased item along with the excess amount stated on the check only to find out later by the seller that the check was fraudulent.

2. Mystery Shopping. Mystery shoppers are asked to use fraudulent checks or money order when shopping. Of course, the mystery shopper is clueless that the fund is illegitimate but he or she would be liable when caught.

3. Returns Processing Positions. You are asked to work part time to receive and process incoming shipments from a company's clients. You will be instructed to inspect and repack the packages. The items are usually electronic gadgets, baby items, or automotive parts. You will then be asked to send the items again to another location.

The above positions may look legitimate but are not. Be very careful in accepting these jobs lest you would be personally liable at the end. Communication is primarily via email or phone. Do phone number lookup or email lookup to know more about the caller.

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