Friday, March 15, 2013

Verify Phone Numbers of Freelance Writers

Writers are not as hard to find now unlike before that writers are given high regards because of their talents and skills in writing. Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Leo Tolstoy, Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf, Ann Keller, and many famous authors, writers, and poets are rare gems. Today, one can find writers even online. While it is true that most people acclaim themselves as one who can write, not everybody can really "write". There are who can and there are who really cannot at all but still claim that they can. One reason also why the price for these people has become lower, too. Sounds lonely but it is the truth.

To make things worse, there are people who uses this reputable profession to cheat others by offering writing services that they would not even deliver. Reasons: they are not really writers or they are but does not respect the honor of the profession anymore to use it in spamming other people. The second reason, of course, could have another underlying cause, like because writers are not paid as they should be anymore. Whatever the reason is, of course, there is no valid reason for cheating others.

How do these people spam you? They will call you and offer writing services which they will not fulfill when they got your money. They will ask for a down payment for their services and you will not see them again. Of course, they will do everything to convince you that e-books can make you millions and that they will offer to write your e-books. As you see there are really many e-books in the internet now and you see how they sell on Amazon, you grab the opportunity. Think again and verify the phone number that called you as well as the caller. When you get this call, share it to your family and report it promptly to the police and the FTC.

There are many phone spams going around today that steal people's money and identity. You should be careful in accepting and dealing with unsolicited phone calls. Do not make any payments to the caller or give out any of your personal data. Guard yourself by being informed and equipped with knowledge on how to deal with these criminals.

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